August 8, 2008

Heeler puppies? Border collie puppies? Rottweiler puppies?

Have you ever heard that a female dog can get bred more than once and have puppies from different daddies (in one litter)?  Spence had told me it was possible, but I had never seen a clear-cut case of my own until now.  Daisy had six puppies.  Four of them came out looking just like Papa Jay's show collie and two were very distinctly Rottweiler.  Spence and I are normally very conscientious pet owners and promptly spay or neuter our cats and dogs at the appropriate age.  But I guess Spence was dreaming about one litter of heelers to carry on the legacy started by Lucy and Roscoe, and held off having Daisy spayed. 

The stars must have aligned against us because Daisy should have been safe from getting pregnant way out here because other dogs never come to our house.  But that special week, our well went out and we moved into town with Spence's parents.  Daisy was out here unprotected from a roaming rottweiler and then took several trips into town to see Frecks (Papa Jay's collie).  Hence our mix of puppies.  But I have to admit...ALL of the puppies are so dang cute.  There's going to be some crying when it's time for them to go!

First, some random puppy shots. (Can you tell how much we enjoy them?)

08 08 08_2014_edited-1

08 06 08_1966


08 06 08_197008 06 08_1976

08 06 08_1977

08 06 08_1979

08 06 08_1987

08 06 08_1988


This is how Chase loves the puppies.  Will they survive?

08 06 08_1992

08 08 08_1999






08 06 08_1982 

  • Second, the Heeler/Border Collies (4)

1. BIG BOY (sweet and handsome)

08 08 08_200808 08 08_2007






          2.  BUDDY (playful, coordinated, & funny)

08 06 08_1968

08 08 08_2043

3. LITTLE GIRL (shy and gorgeous)

08 08 08_199808 06 08_1985

08 08 08_2021

4. LITTLE BADGER (growler, sensitive)


08 08 08_204208 08 08_2034

  • Now for the Heeler/Rottweilers

5. BROTHER (quiet and loveable)

08 06 08_1974


08 08 08_2050

6. SISTER (fat and friendly)

08 08 08_2049

08 08 08_2038_edited-1


Quinn and Michelle Ashton said...

Ha! Too funny! Your dog is a little tramp! ;op

Anonymous said...

i think your dogs are vvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy cute

Anonymous said...

awwwww ur puppies are soooo cute... if u dont mind me saying x hayley from england.

Anonymous said...

my puppy looks a lot like the #5 dog.. got her from the pound they told me she was a border collie mixed with something.. But she looks so much like him.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Ok, I've been looking at your babies about every other day because they are soooo darling! Love that you updated your pics. I lost my baby of 12 years just over 3 weeks ago and am dying to get my hands on the one you call "big boy". That happens to be what I referenced mine often. Thanks for the smiles you've brought me!

Anonymous said...

Ur puppies are super cute, my dad was a breeder when i was young and i had "heard" about dogs being bred more then once...honestly have never seen it...HAHA now i have:) i bred rottweilers for 2 yrs...alot of fun...and even more work. But so worth it, there great animals!

Anonymous said...

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