August 6, 2008

Just Snipe---the key to winning at EBay

After getting sick and tired of losing eBay auctions at the last minute, I decided to fight fire with fire and become a sniper myself.  I had to find a sniping program that was first, affordable...preferably free; second, not a scam but a legitimate company; and third, one that would help me win all of my homeschool materials at the lowest possible price. 
I found a cool  and simple snipe program called just snipe  You have to sign up, but you don't have to give them any financial info.  You do have to give them your ebay username and password so that they can go in and snipe the auction for you.  Once you're signed up, you have 5 free snipes a week.  You just enter the auction number and your highest bid and it will automatically bid for you 8 seconds before the auction ends.  It may go up to your highest bid, but you can also win at a lot lower price too.  You're not guaranteed to win, especially if a previous bidder has already entered a higher highest bid amount, but my results have been WAY better than bidding on my own.  I've won more auctions and paid less.  A big bonus is that I can win auctions while I'm in church:)!!!  If an auction goes to high or if you decide you don't want to bid, you can cancel your snipe up to 2 minutes before the auction ends.  If you're really into ebay, you can pay 5 bucks a month and have unlimited snipes and it will also bid 5 seconds before the auction ends instead of 8 seconds (ups your chances of winning).  You can cancel at anytime and you can pay with your PayPal.  Just thought I'd share the info.  I'd always wondered about sniping but thought I'd have to pay to do it....not anymore.

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