July 25, 2008

Monsoons, Cutting Horses, and Puppies

Well it's the 24th week; the big event of the summer.  For those of you not familiar, our town (& others with a significant population of Mormons) celebrates the westward migration of pioneers who settled here in our little town and others in the west.  We were lucky enough (yes, that's sarcasm you hear in my voice) to settle on this hot, dry, windy plateau in the high desert.  We are even more lucky to be trying to raise beef cattle in these insane conditions.  But for all of our griping and cussing, we won't give it up. And when the summer monsoons finally roll in, we all sit on our porches and enjoy every second of blessed rain.  The smell of rain on hot dry earth is about my favorite smell ever. Time to take a drive on the ranch and check out how fast the grass is greening up.

07 21 08_1886

07 21 08_1871

I included this picture, not to show off Jack Sparrow's (this is his real name and not a nickname :) rugged good looks, but to show the rain on the porch in the background.

07 22 08_1786


Honky tonk LOVES cutting horses.  Well, he loves quarter horses in general, but he has a passion for cutting horses.  Over the years, he's gotten where he can "break" a horse better than anyone I know.  The ranch has a few cutting horses that look pretty good and he is going to start showing a few of them in the non-pro events. 

I took this picture while he was practicing cutting with the mechanical cow.  It's pretty dark in the barn and it was evening, so my camera wasn't fast enough to catch Sweetie turning quickly to "cut"  the cow.  The result was something of a ghost horse...kind of cool. 

07 19 08_190607 19 08_1905

Unwanted pregnancies become wanted really quickly! Like right after the puppies are born!!! Can you say puppy heaven?   Just ask my kiddos and they'll tell you they've already spent hours upon hours of bliss watching, holding, and loving Daisy's puppies...and they're only a little over a week old!   And yes, that puppy is sleeping with Halftime holding him upside-down like that. :)


Steph & the Boyz said...

We are stuck in Utah--probably forever. I have become accustomed to the mountains and grown a resistance to the Utards, but it's still hard to call home and my first inclination is to tell people I'm from AZ when they ask. Mason was actually in good ol' SJ last Saturday for the 24th parade with my parents, Emily and her little boy. But they were probably gone before anyone saw them.

mindy said...

i love your blog title and background! way cool and your kids are soooo cute and so platt or jackson. how the heck are you?

HoneyGirl said...

Steph...it's OK to be from UT...you better get used to it because that's how your boys are going to reply for the rest of their lives. Hayes was born in Orem.

Mindy, I don't know if you'll ever see this, but it's good to hear from you. How do I find your blog?

Steph & the Boyz said...

I hate to admit it, but I was born in Provo. I honestly forget about that, though. I think where you're from is where you form your identity--usually during jr. high and high school. Maybe I can get my boys out of UT before they hit puberty! ;)