May 16, 2011


Spence is really hoping that Ree will turn out to be Daddy’s little cowgirl.  It’s looking more and more like she will end up that way.   She spends every minute that she can out on the porch tracking down the cat and sitting by him.  She follows the dogs around and loves to go feed the horses.  Whenever Spence (or Trey or JC) leave the house, she begs them to take her with them. 

She was being so funny out with the mares and babies.  She kept sticking her leg up on the fence like she was trying to get in.  (Thanks goodness for barbless wire)  I might have a shot of it but this is the one Hayes sent from my phone. 

ree and horses

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maren sundahl said...

I love this kid. She is so adorable.