May 22, 2011

Branding with no Dust…Hallelujah!

We couldn’t have asked for a better day for branding (well, there was some wind, but I can’t even complain about it at this point).  It had rained and drizzled for several days, so there was absolutely no dust.  The sun was shining and we were all coming off of a “thank goodness for rain” high. :) The guys had gathered and branded some the day before so yesterday was just to finish them up.  I decided I better get myself and the kids out of the house and go up to the white corrals for the festivities.  It is always fun (I can say that because I don’t actually do any work); I think the guys would say that too though, if you asked them.  There is a lot of satisfaction that comes from getting the branding done.  Of all the jobs on the ranch, I think everyone enjoys branding the most. 

Everything went fairly smoothly until about the last 20 minutes when Kevin’s kid got his hand caught under a rope and then while I was consoling him (instead of holding onto Chase), Chase went backwards into the tire drinker.  You wouldn’t think he would fit, but he folded in half and went under.  His feet and head were together in a jackknife and he was completely submerged for a second.  I grabbed him but he slipped out of my hands and went under again. Then Kevin pushed me out of the way (OK, he didn’t push me), and snagged him out.  He was pretty scared, but fine once we got his wet clothes off of him and dried him off.  The worse part of it was the smell. :) Have you ever smelled the black sludge at the bottom of a drinker??  I had quite recently, because while we were waiting for more vaccine, I took Chase and the McFee boys over to look at the goldfish.  On our way back, they stopped at a similar tire drinker and were pulling the blanket weed algae out of the drinker.  First Everet slung the sludge-laced algae and flicked black goo all over the front of me, including my hair and face.  Then Chase decided to get in on the act and gave his algae a wild swing and let go.  His algae, just like velcro, attached itself to my hip and backside.  So at that point, I was well aware of the dreadful smell.  It was clinging to me everywhere. So when we finally got Chase home, I washed his hair three times before I could get the smell out.  I might be being a little dramatic here, but I think I might have an overly sensitive olfactory gland; so I can’t help it! :) That and the fact that it reminds me of some of the putrid diapers I change and the smell gets stuck in my nose for hours!  With all that, still a great time!!!

PS…this is going to have a lot of pictures…sorry!

The calves are looking extra cute this year!


The men have to talk things over before we start (aka b.s.)gettingstarted1

Hayes helped on the ground.  He vaccinated and sprayed this year.



Chase loves Trey’s new puppy Rojo.


Ree had to watch from the truck while I took photos.


JC waits for a calf.


T and Chase are all smiles.


Spence holds the calf on Spanky.


Hayes gets ready to ride.  It was a short ride.  Maybe next time.


JC holds while Spence brands.


What can I say about my oldest??? Still a cutie pie!


Hayes got a little training on the nordfork.


T takes his ride.  He shouted “Yes!” after he came off.

05 21 11_2125

Kevin holds for Spence and Ole.


Ole roping



Ree spent a little time in the dirt/manure after she was released from the back of the truck.


My favorite shot of the day.  I love the flaming brand!


Chase, not to be outdone, takes his own ride.  He was already off by the time I took the picture.


Hayes waiting for a calf.


Spence using Ree as a human shield.  Ha ha


Spence bringing one in.


Ree wanted Hayes to hold her in between calves.


Spence roping on Spanky.


Besides the ranch, we love living here because we are close to a lot of family.  What would we do without cousins?

Here’s T, Chase and Hayes hanging out at the infamous tire drinker where all the business went down.


Did I mention it was Chase’s birthday?  He couldn’t have asked for a better day! (trough dunk and all)

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jay said...

My favorite time of year....though they all look too clean to have been branding. Thanks for all the pictures Kellie. We love them so much.