May 7, 2011

Hiking with Hayes

One of the advantages of homeschooling, is the flexibility.  Hayes loves to hike, so when the wind let up (a little) and the sun was warm, we went on a “field trip” out on the ranch for a hike.  Chase was at school and my mom came and got Ree, so Hayes and I were able to enjoy a little one-on-one time.  It was nice to get out and spend a little time together that didn’t involve me directing Hayes an any way.  (“Pick up your clothes; re-write that with better handwriting; finish your math by 10:00; clean up your lunch plate without me having to ask you”; etc., etc.) Hayes really is a great kid and I love having him around.

I brought my little video camera instead of my regular camera so the pictures are sort of poor quality. 

Hayes loves to climb.

05 02 11_1739

05 02 11_1746

Hayes can spot a petroglyph 10 times faster than I can.  He thought this one was a wolf.  I wonder if the people who scratched their names over the top of it thought so too?

05 02 11_1736

I see a serpent eating a fireball.  Hayes saw a plant and the sun. (in the center, left of the crack)

05 02 11_1747

Hayes thought this tree struck by lightning was cool. He gets so excited at little nature discoveries.  I love that about him.

05 02 11_1753

The talking rock.

05 02 11_1757

Defying gravity.

05 02 11_1761

Ledge walk.

05 02 11_1774

Talk about resilience in the face of adversity.

05 02 11_1778

Can someone enlighten me on the phenomena of the circle stones?

05 02 11_1779

05 02 11_1756

I thought this was a neat spot with all the green yucca.

05 02 11_1782

05 02 11_1792

“Where’s Hayes?”  Can you spot him?

05 02 11_1797

There were so many cool rock formations.

05 02 11_1802

We did a little bit of serious rock climbing.

05 02 11_1807

Hayes did some serious jumping.

05 02 11_1818

And we ended with a try at an optical illusion. (That crater in the rock wasn’t very deep)

05 02 11_1815

Thanks, Hayes, for a wonderful afternoon.  I love you!


Cortney said...

How fun! We'd love to go hiking with you when we come down this summer!

Jay said...

My favorite is of Hayes jumping from rock to rock. For one who isn't fond of heights, I still think that is a very cool picture!