May 25, 2011

The Birthday Buddies

Last year Chase didn’t get much of a birthday since we were still in the hospital having had Ree the night before.  So this year, I tried to make up for it with birthday celebrations galore.  On Ree’s actual birthday, we pretended it was Chase’s also so he wouldn’t die of anticipation; which he almost did anyways.  Chase got up early that morning and started squealing about the balloons, streamers, and of course presents.  They each had king and queen crowns to wear with matching scepters.  Ree thought it was OK, but Chase really thought it was cool. 

On Chase’s actual birthday, we were branding.  He loved it and didn’t want to leave, even after he fell in the tank.

Then on Monday, we had a barbeque at the park with all of the Platts and Jacksons.  Chase was equally excited for this event.  He woke up jabbering about balloons (again!), piñatas, cakes and the part-e!  By 3:30 be was begging me to go to the party which wasn’t until 5:30.  We had a great time except for the fact that it was super windy and freezing cold….ahhh, St. Johns!  He got the balloons, he got the piñata, he got the cake; but what really made the party for Chase was his FAMILY!  They all mean the world to him.

Did I say he loved his crown?  It was really Hayes who loved it!  (just kidding Hayes, I know you are going to hate that I said that) SmileChase just loved it more on Hayes.

05 20 11_2177

05 20 11_2179

Here’s Ree on her birthday. 

05 20 11_2187

Her faces always make me laugh.

05 20 11_2220

She’s watching the hummingbirds at the feeder.

05 20 11_2221

The piñata is always the biggest hit with the kids (and with me!)

T’s ready to give it his best shot

05 23 11_2246

Spence spun all the kids till then were sick then let them rip.

05 23 11_2254

The cousins graciously let Chase do the final destroying and the dash for candy (laced with playground sand) ensued.

05 23 11_2265

Ree and Papa Bruce.

05 23 11_2261_edited-1

Ree with her new phone and new headband.

05 23 11_2271

These last four photos were taken by Spence.  He had Hayes reenact his soon-to-be famous swing jump.  Spence and the uncles dared him to see if he could jump out of the swing and make it over the black, rubber edging around the swing area.  I had my back turned, but from the sounds of the guys, he must have nearly made it.  Unfortunately, he was a few feet short and took a pretty good hit when he his his feet and skidded into the edging.  Spence swears there were pieces of his shirt left on the black plastic. 

Here’s where he landed.

05 23 11_2276

Then here is where he hit the edging.

05 23 11_2277

Here is the face he made when it happened (great acting job)

05 23 11_2279

Hurt but proud…can you see it in his face?

05 23 11_2278

I wanted to write here that the wind quit immediately after the party, but it didn’t.  It blew all the way through to today.  Damn wind.

Happy Birthday to my 9 year-old Cha-ching and 1 year-old Ree Beans (aka Toilet Water…yes, she’s already started throwing things in the toilet)!


Cortney said...

How fun! Happy Birthday Chase and Ree!

Katie and Howard said...

Happy Birthday Chase and Ree!! Looks like a fun party, minus the wind! :)

jay said...

Who would think it would be so cold in SJ and in England toward the end of May? I feel like I got to be at the party with all the good pictures. It looks like all the kids had a great time. The photo of Chase laughing when Hayes wore the crown is precious. Love you all!

jay said...

I forgot I was on Dad's computer, tis Grandma Trish who commented.