November 4, 2010

Surprise…it’s Halloween again!



I was in Alco looking for a birthday present for the kids’ cousin Harvey when I spotted the Halloween hair paint at 50% off.  Thinking that might be nice to have on hand for next year, I bought two cans.  When Chase discovered it while rummaging through my grocery bags, he just had to have some.  Once he was painted, Hayes and Parker wanted to get in on the fun.  It looks like their heads are glowing with the flash.  Apparently Ree thought it was pretty fun too.  Parker thought that maybe we should do her hair also, but we decided we better wait till she’s a little older.  Is there any paint left for next year?  Maybe a little, but oh well, it was fun.

Ree spotted Parker’s ring pop and couldn’t take her eyes off of him.  She actually moans and whines the whole time she eats “real” food.  It’s pretty funny. 



tricia said...

Oh Kellie! I'm getting a bang out of striped hair and Ree's expression as she looks at the sucker. She is growing up so much.

tricia said...

Allie looks a lot like Lauren. Has anyone told you that?

JC and Jen Young said...

How fun my kids love that stuff too. Allie is so stinking cute, I know I always say that but she is!

Kristen said...

I love Allie's huge smile in the first pic--what a cutie.