November 20, 2010

I tried PW’s homemade blueberry muffin recipe

I was craving blueberry muffins the other morning.  I usually make them from the box and love them except for the fact that the blueberries are the size of bb’s and there is never enough of them.  So when I found that I was out of muffin mixes and that I had some nice blueberries in the freezer, I thought I remembered seeing a muffin recipe on Pioneer Woman.   Luckily she had just held a recipe contest and one of the finalists had a blueberry muffin recipe.  So I tried it out.  I was scared when as they were baking (too late) I read that PW suggested adding more sugar (I like my muffins pretty sweet), but they turned out really good.  Spence thought they were perfect on the sugar, the best he had ever eaten.  I thought they could use a tiny bit more (I also skipped the sprinkling of sugar on top), but I’m not sure I would change it.  If you decide to try them, remember that you need plain yogurt for the batter. (I didn’t bother with the extra yogurt sauce…I’m a strictly lots-of-butter-and-scrambled-eggs-with-my-blueberry-muffins kind of girl)

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Dayna said...

Those look delicious!!! Did you see Pioneer Woman throwdown with Bobby Flay?

Honey Girl said...

When I was on looking at that recipe, I saw that she was going to be on Throwdown, so I DVR'd it. How was it? I need some new Thanksgiving recipes!

Marcie said...

These looked so good that Lauren made me some chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. (Strictly box mix at our house!)