November 20, 2010

Horse Springs Weaning

Spence and Trey had to go over to Horse Springs to help do the weaning, so they decided to bring their families along.  ( I think this was a good idea!) We stayed in the new house which was very nice and I forgot to take any pictures of it.  The kids loved being in a new place and amazingly enough all the kids stayed off the stairs so that Chase wouldn’t try to go up them and get hurt.  Hayes spent most of the first day walking around on the top of the fence/gates around the house.  Most of his free time the next day was spent climbing and walking on the corrals.  We had lunch at Kimberley’s the second day and Hayes spent the whole time walking around with Harvey’s iguana on his head.  Needless to say, he had a good time.  Did he do any work, you may ask?  Well, not really.  With Harvey and Bruce there, they didn’t really need him…lucky kid!

T and Chase with their recently amputated cow horns.

11 10 10_0015

Spence and Trey working the squeeze.

11 10 10_0021_edited-1

Spence and Trey stopping to pose for a picture.  Spence forgot his boots.

11 10 10_0025_edited-12

I tried to get a shot of the cow slinging slobber and snot everywhere, but  my camera is too slow.

11 10 10_0032_edited-1

Hayes and his new favorite past time. 

11 10 10_0034_edited-1

11 10 10_0035_edited-13

Kimberly and Colten.  Harvey was at school that day, but they came up for dinner the night before. 

11 10 10_0039_edited-1

The punks posing in the loading chute.

11 10 10_0043_edited-1

Hayes has an uncanny ability to keep posing and smiling while Chase does all sorts of crazy stuff.  Even when he was little.  Check out my refrigerator post a few back and you’ll find Hayes at age two or three smiling away while Chase bawls in his lap.  The one with the watermelon background.

11 10 10_0044_edited-1

Ree loved being up in the chute.  I was teasing her asking her if she wanted to jump and she giggled and twisted….apparently wanting to jump.

11 10 10_0052

Trey and Pascual surveying the scene.

11 10 10_0056_edited-1

Releasing the herd…of mamas.

11 10 10_0062edit

Pascual is a really neat and tidy guy so you can only imagine how much he loves preg checking the cows.  If you’ve ever seen it done, you’ll know what I mean.  I watched him try to scrape cow *&%$ off his clothes for about 20 minutes after they were finished. 

11 10 10_0065

Here he is after doing his best to clean off.  He would probably hate me posting these pictures.

11 10 10_0106

Once the dads were done, the all the kiddos were delighted to get some attention and check out the cows.

11 10 10_0072_edited-111 10 10_0074

Colten and Bruce

11 10 10_0081_edited-123

Chase and T are fishing for something. 

11 10 10_0082

T in the feeder.

11 10 10_0102

Trey snuggling Sage. There’s nothing like snuggling a baby after a hard day’s work!

11 10 10_0104

A quick roping lesson

11 10 10_0098

11 10 10_0109

The green tractor which they usually use to pick up and move big bales was at the potato farm for weaning, so it was good, old-fashion man-power to get the bales off the trailer.

Should we push or should we pull?

11 10 10_0117

On three everyone.

11 10 10_0119_edited-1

Up and over.  Sweet success.

11 10 10_0120_edited-1

It would have been a great weekend if our dog, Daisy hadn’t broken her leg on the way over and cost us $900 to fix it.  There goes Christmas.  Damn dogs.

11 10 10_0092edit

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