September 5, 2009

Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails....That's what little boys are made of!

Chase loves, loves, loves the puppies.  What are we going to do when they are gone???  One guy came and picked up Luke yesterday.  And Mike and Maren took Lou Lou, but luckily we are puppy-sitting her for the weekend while they are in Texas. Then we will just be left with JD, who is already spoken for by our good friend Troy Adair and his four little kiddos. The first words out of Chase's mouth every morning when he wakes up are "tiny...puppies" and he jumps down out of bed and heads for the front door.  The animals are so good for him.  Most days he can be found out with the puppies or out by the chicken coup.  Today for entertainment he let the kitty in  (he does this about 10 times a day), then he chases him into one of the rooms and shuts the door behind them so that he can corner him and "love" him.  I used to think it was torture to the cat, but when I was watching today, I noticed that the cat just stays close and doesn't try to get away.  Thank goodness for patient animals.

08 28 09_6388

Stitch, the kitten, with her pals Lou Lou and JD (Boss Hog)

08 28 09_6377 

Chase always has a shiner or some other injury.  Even a big gash looks good on you when you have lashes like that.

08 28 09_6417

Luke Duke.  I had to include this pic to show you the floating pepper in the dog's water that earlier in the day was attached to a chili plant and was just ripening....till Chase came along.

08 28 09_6393

The running of the chickens.

08 28 09_6369

I had to put up this photo for my boys.  Such a cutie-pie.  Mike and Maren renamed her Sugar.  We're so glad she's going to be close by.  We tried teaching her to sit today.  We had great success with JD, but she takes after he mama goes from standing to belly-up on her back any time we try to get her to sit.  It may be easier to teach her to lie down...that's what we ended up doing with Daisy.  Mike and Maren have watched a lot of Dog Whisperer though, so they might be more successful! I think anything is possible if we were able to train Daisy not to kill chickens AFTER she had her first taste. (just one though :)

08 28 09_6375


Jaime said...

My boys would be in heaven, but I have an anti dog/cat husband. Who would have thunk it when he grew up on a ranch!! Hey, how do you get your pictures so big??

Marcie said...

Cute pictures!

Honey Girl said...

Jaime, I use Windows Live Writer to write my posts instead of just using blogger. You'll have to check it out. You can upload pictures so much faster...I love it!

Jaime said...

Thanks, I actually remembered something about it and went back and found what you used! :) I stayed up for 4 hours last night trying to get it to post pictures. Had to jump through 100 loops to get there it seemed like. Finally got the picture part to work in a roundabout way, but at least it's working! Maybe I did something wrong, I don't know!

Honey Girl said...

Jaime, I can't go to your blog. You have to invite !!!