September 14, 2009

Oh, What Do You Do In the Summertime?.... If You're Lucky, You Go To ALASKA!

On the morning of August 6, 2009, I dropped Hayes off for his trip to Alaska to visit his Aunt Cort, Uncle Mark, and baby cousin he's never met, Ari.  He was so excited.  He took Spence's old mission camera so that he could document the trip (I still haven't gotten them developed...bad mom); luckily, my mom and Cort provided their pictures in CD form...thanks guys!

Here's how it all went down in the words of Hayes:

"Alaska, here we come!"

08 06 09_6198

"This is one of my favorite pictures.  We found two kinds of berries; red raspberry and blueberry.  They were so good!"


"This is my four-leaf clover.  You can't see it very good.  I guess it's hard to hold something and take a picture at the same time. ha ha!"


"This one's better than the last. I guess I'm lucky...or at least I think I am. ha ha x 1,000!"


"It look's cool. Well I guess it really is...brrr."



"On our way to the trolley, Grandma told me it was a bucket that you would ride across the water.  I thought you would really be in a bucket that was in the water as you pulled yourself across.  But then it ended up being above the water in a safer bucket.  I was scared the first time, but the second time was awesome!"



My Aunt Cort is my mom's little sister. 


Here's me and my grandpa fishing for salmon.


At first it was so hard when the fish was pulling, then I got a routine: reel and pull, reel and pull, reel and pull; then finally the fish got so tired, I just had to reel it in.  By the time we had it out of the water, it didn't even wiggle.  I felt proud.


In this picture, we were going to a marsh.  This is me and my grandma.  There were 13 ducks all in one spot.  We saw three king salmon...they were huge!


This is me and my Uncle Mark.  We were under a mask.  Pay attention to slightly above the mask's chin; there are two whale tales.


My Uncle Mark is giving me his business card.  Now I lost it. It's baby Ari's shift now.


This is at the beach.  I'm out on the mud.  It was so slippery.  I fell down once and I was covered in mud.  I was sinking. It felt so weird. That is actually how I fell, because I was sinking. 


Apparently babies are attracted to shiny things. 


My Uncle Mark is teaching me to play a board game called Risk.  It's so cool.  Once, we played from 6 pm until midnight.  If you look to the side of us, you will see baby Ari chewing on my Bionicle. 


Moose look a lot bigger in person.  His antlers were, for some reason, hairy. 


This is a musk ox.  You can't see its baby right now, but there is one.  One time when the mom was walking side to side, it nearly walked over the baby.  Looks like someone's not paying attention.


These are a lot bigger in person also.  I am standing in front of America's bird.  It's talons are so sharp.


Look at that crazy kid......oh, that's me!











Here's me, my grandma and my grandpa.  I'm so glad they took me to Alaska.  I saw so many cool things.  Thank you Grandma Terry and Papa Bruce.


This is me sitting on the fence watching a float plane take off.  It was so loud. 





maren sundahl said...

I want Gma Terry and Gpa Bruce to take me next time! ;) Mike is going to be jealous, Hayes, I better not even show him all the pictures..

Marcie said...

How cute! Glad he had lots of fun. (But Lauren is sure he will have more fun with her at Disneyland).

Dayna said...

That's such a cool way to narrate his Alaska trip!

My daughter has an aunt/uncle in Wasilla and went up there 2 years ago.

tricia said...

Wow! I feel like I was right there-the descriptions were so good. Thanks Hayes for sharing your trip with all of us. Alaska is even more beautiful than I supposed. Where is the salmon you promised?? Oh well, the picture was just as good. Love you.

tricia said...

I like the size of the photographs. Good for old folks' eyes.

Annie said...

Looks like a fun trip Hayes! You have wonderful grandparents to take you with them, you are one lucky little guy!