March 29, 2011

You will be my friend, damn it!

Chase is known for many things, such as: eating little smokies, spilling liquids all over the house, love of baths, love of outdoors, love of relatives, toys in pockets, aversion to haircuts, mischief making, did I mention mischief making?, cartoon crazy, and many other little idiosyncrasies.  One of his funny, little habits (OK, not so funny to some of the cousins) is that of shutting the door behind friends (whether they be animal or human) to keep them in his general vicinity and therefore, playing with Chase.  He lures them down to his room and once inside, he quickly shuts the door so that no one can escape.  He doesn't  do it in a mean spirited way, he really just wants someone to be with him and play with him.  He used to do it with his kitty, but now that he has Ree, he has the ultimate playmate.  As soon as she could crawl, Chase learned quickly that if he went down the hallway to his room and called to her, she would willingly (this was a bonus) speed down to his room to look at books or play with toys.  She would actually stay without the door being shut, but Chase just can’t help himself.  The minute she’s inside, that door is thrown shut so that she won’t get any ideas.  I’ve tried threatening and blocking the door, but nothing deters him from shutting it.  He really can’t help himself, and a lot of the time I can’t say that I blame him so I let him do it and just check on them every few minutes.  (spoiling him, I know)

I love the look on his face, it’s the one that gets him out of a lot of trouble. Here he is trying to get Ree to help him move the diaper box barrier I’ve set up to keep him from shutting the door.

03 04 11_1400

For a while it blocks Ree in, which he appreciates.

03 04 11_1395_edited-1

This not-so-innocent face is not helping his case, is it? What a boy.

03 04 11_1402


Marcie said...

I think he's pretty dang clever!

tricia said...

His face says it all!