March 29, 2011

Spring is Here

The best indicator of Spring is the appearance of new baby calves.  I would have said wind, but I swear we’ve had wind all winter so the spring wind doesn’t seem to be much of a change other than it’s a little more constant.  I’ve got a few daffodils coming up in my flower beds and Hayes has been pointing out the song of two Meadowlarks that must have a nest nearby.  I love to hear them in the morning; they’ve always been a favorite of mine.  

We drove with Spence to the Silva yesterday morning to check on the cows and calves.  Chase was squealing with delight and Ree was trying to moo back at the calves. 

03 28 11_1521       03 28 11_1536 

And if the calves aren’t enough to prove spring is here, you can see the wind blowing the hay away as the cows eat it.   Kind of makes you want to swear. 

03 28 11_1539

With the warmer weather, Hayes has been assigned the red four-wheeler for chore and trash duty.  He also takes his little bro on rides which makes his day.

03 27 11_1474_edited-1

03 27 11_1475

Sunday after church, we went with Spence to do chores.  Spence keeps the apple of his eye close to him whenever possible!

03 27 11_1478 

03 27 11_1479

03 27 11_1480


maren sundahl said...

Cute, cute. I love the pics of Hayes and Chase on the 4 wheeler.

Kristen said...

She looks gorgeous in yellow!

tricia said...

Shake me up Judy! These new pictures are adorable. Ree looks so tall! Don't let her grow any more till I get home.

tricia said...

The boys look like they are having a great time. Such cute pictures! (of their daddy, too)