March 29, 2011

Swords or Dolls?

Ree has unfortunately inherited a male driven household.  We don’t own any baby dolls or tea sets, but we have about 20 swords and 20 guns (play ones, of course).  It doesn’t help that she is being raised by the former, quintessential tom boy, me.  (Think shooting barbies with bb guns and an abhorrence of dresses)  So it is not surprising that at the age of 10 months, she already has an affinity for swords and knows how to swing one in hand to hand combat with Chase.  The other night, the boys outfitted her with a sword as a belt and and extra switchblade down the back of her pants.  Hayes and Chase laughed and laughed as she crawled around in her get-up.  She was pretty pleased herself. (The weapons helped her plunder the refrigerator :)

03 17 11_1510

03 17 11_1504

03 17 11_1503


Marcie said...

My kind of girl!

tricia said...

Looks like a light saber to me!

Tracey said...

It is the same at our house. Stacia is 6 now. She doesn't want anything to do with dolls. We bought her a doll for Christmas a couple of years ago because I thought she should have at least one doll. We sold it at a yard sale a couple of months ago because she didn't want it. (She does like tea sets)