August 12, 2011

Back to School

I can’t believe that school is starting on Monday…where does the summer go?  We’ve had a great summer.  A trip to England.  A fun 24th.  All of my sisters and brothers (in-law too) came home for a visit. We took family pictures (check back for the goods!) Ree had her first “walking” summer and had a ball. Chase went to the ranch every chance he got and spent lots of time at the barn.  Cousins came to play.  We went swimming…a few times.  But we played in our little plastic pool tons and Ree and Chase had enough baths to count as pool time.  Hayes worked a little and played a lot.  He did a great job helping friends and cousins learn to ride a horse.  Spence worked a lot.  And I attempted to clear out a bunch of junk for a yard sale somewhere in my free time.  (I still have to have the yard sale :) 

I haven’t yet blogged about my trip or even caught up on lots of the summer events and wouldn’t you know it, my camera is dying!  I’m lucky to get it to focus and take a picture these days.  It may have something to do with that drop in the sand at the beach in California that jammed all the controls! I push the button and about 3-5 seconds later, it may or may not take the picture.  It doesn’t make for very good pictures that way.  I  might have been able to put a little yard sale money towards a new camera except that the yard sale money (future yard sale money) has already been promised for a new trampoline.  However,  I can still find one silver lining…with no new pictures, maybe I can get my England trip up on my blog…it’s a definite maybe!

PS.  Kind of funny, but I just downloaded the pictures off my camera and even with it’s shoddy performance I was still able to take 135 photos…unfortunately at least a third of them snapped about 2 seconds after I gave up and turned the camera towards the ground. :)




Chase was throwing rocks and Ree was eating them.


closeup ree


3 kids

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