July 26, 2011

Back in the US of A!

I had a great time in the UK and can’t say that I was in a hurry to get back to my responsibilities here at home, but I WAS glad to see Spence and my kiddos.  The moment we pulled into the Potato Farm it was back to life as usual…we stopped to do chores before we ever set foot at home.  As I looked around at the not-so-green landscape, I was still glad to be home.  Arizona has a charm all of its own and life out in Salado couldn’t be better!

Me and HonkyTonk.


They must be making fun of me because they are laughing their heads off and I don’t appear to be amused.


My baby girl, Reebles. She and Chase looked so tan to me!


Hayes was missing Ree so bad by the second week of our trip…he was dying to see her.


Here was the surprise they gave me the next day…a flying baby…so safe!  She loves it though, in the last photo, she’s waving to me…..


Don’t call CPS or I’ll ban you from my blog!

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K & L said...

You guys have the coolest songs on your "play list" All classics and my favorites! I have been listening to all of them at my desk today!


Good looking bunch too!