August 23, 2011

Chase’s First Day 0f School 2011

Last year I posted a collage of pictures showing Chase coming to the realization that the bus coming up the road was for him and that he actually had to get on it and go to school.  He wasn’t too pleased.  This year went quite a bit better I’m thankful to say.  He did try the “drop out of my arms and become dead weight” trick, but I was ready for it this year and we had him on the bus and off to school before he could protest too much.  We also got pictures before and after, so that was fun. We had to enlist Uncle T to help us get some shots.  I think we are off to a good start!


I had to include this one of Trey and Spence getting cozy on the porch swing.


And my cowboy Hayes.


I’ll have to post the after school photos later; they are still on my camera I guess.

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