December 29, 2010

Ree’s Blessing

The other day, Ree asked me if we thought me might bless her before she went to kindergarten.  Not really, but she was thinking it!  So at six months (if you haven’t notice, Spence and I don’t always do things by the playbook) we finally blessed Allie Marie Platt.  November 27th, 2010.  It turned out nice because she was able to sit up for pictures!  HA HA  Maren hurried and snapped a few shots as the sun was waning.  She got some great ones, especially for how quickly we had to do it and how cold it was.  Kristen made the blanket that you see in some of the shots. 







tricia said...

She looks like a little china doll. I get the biggest bang out of her expressions. Darling dress and cap. Beautiful eyes.

Honey Girl said...

chase and I were just looking at the blog and when we got to the last picture (the b&w one), he said, "creepy!" I asked him why and he said the hat is creepy, but only in the black and white picture. the rest are ok.

Jaime said...

LOVE the pics...and the blanket!