December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

After unwrapping presents, eating cream-chipped beef, taking a nap (yes, I actually got one!!!), and playing hours of train with Chase, we finally made our way up to the White Corrals to give the cows their Christmas presents.  Can you believe that I spent hours making over 500 lbs. of homemade granola for the cows this year?  It’s super time consuming and costs a fortune, but I think that in 2010, it will be out with the grass-fed beef and in with the granola-fed beef.  I’m thinking it will probably only make a subtle difference in the flavor of the meat, but in terms of cow happiness, it could be exponential.  We may not be willing to give our cows massages, but we are willing to hand-feed each one a little granola at Christmas time!

Hayes and Parker took advantage of the hay stack for its natural combat zone properties. 12 25 10_0539_edited-1

Parker, if you are reading this, Ree really does always look at you!

12 25 10_0541

12 25 10_0542_edited-1

Silent but deadly.

12 25 10_0532_edited-1

12 25 10_0533_edited-1

12 25 10_0534_edited-1

Chase had to stay in the truck.  He didn’t feel good and didn’t have shoes.  You can’t tell by this picture. Hayes always dances on the hay stack to make Chase laugh. It works every time.

12 25 10_0535_edited-1

Here’s Spence checking out the cows, trying to figure out which ones have been naughty and which ones have been nice.  (Only the nice ones get granola)

12 25 10_0554

Now he’s telling me, “That one has clearly been nice; see how long his body is and how thick his muscling is.  Make sure he gets a double portion.”

12 25 10_0555

One eye closed is a dead giveaway for naughty.

12 25 10_0556_edited-1

The ones that won’t look you in the eye look a little guilty to me.

12 25 10_0545_edited-1

This one looks super sweet  and cute to me. The one in the background…definitely naughty.

12 25 10_0546_edited-1

Nice again.  Look at that cute hair do.  Man, I’m a push-over.

12 25 10_0567_edited-1

OK, the truth is I didn’t really make granola.  It’s just late at night and I must be a little on the tipsy side of tired.  It was a fun thought, though.  So while our cows didn’t get any granola, they did get plenty of hay and they just loved it.  If being massaged and eating granola would make our cows happier, Spence would probably do it.  He’s crazy about them. 

12 25 10_0549_edited-1

Merry Christmas to man and beast!


tricia said...
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tricia said...

When dad and I saw the video of the calves this morning and we heard the sounds of the animals, we looked at each other and sighed, "I miss that sound!"

The calves sure look good and uniform.

The boys are having a good time, too, it looks like.

Marcie said...

K-you had me going on the granola. I was trying to picture the size of the container you would have to use!

Glad to know you aren't crazy....