December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve, Eve

Just a question.  How far back, etiquette-wise, can you use the whole “eve” term?  I think we started on Sunday with Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve, Eve, Eve, Eve. I’m only asking because I couldn’t think of a good title for this post. 

I was scrolling through all my newly, uploaded pictures and was really starting to question my photography abilities;  either that or every one around me’s photogenicity.  I thought I just made up that word, but it’s in the urban dictionary, whatever that is…terrible sentence, I know.  Then I came upon these little gems.  They really made me smile after a long, long, long day with Chase.  (Not his fault…he hasn’t been feeling good and his balance is off (times a million) and today he seemed near a seizure or in a semi-seizure state all day long)

I’ve always wanted to get a train to go around the Christmas tree.  I had priced them a few years ago and it seemed like you had to spend a lot of money to get one that worked decent.  I searched through tons of feedback and reviews on trains that made me just give up on the trains.  Then this Christmas season, Wilburs had a cute little train set for $20 on the same day that I had actually won the “win what you spend” contest for $50 bucks.  So I splurged and thought I would just take it back if it really stunk.  I was pleasantly surprised.  My kids have already enjoyed it at least $20 worth and I haven’t had to replace the batteries yet.  It’s a pain to put on the track, but luckily I have Hayes who figured it out in no time and can keep it humming.  We even set up cowboys and Indians around it, attacking and defending it…complete with various characters and items placed on the tracks in front of the oncoming train to see who can derail the train.   (I’ll have to get pictures of that next time!)

I think this shot is priceless. (They are of course, watching the train)

12 20 10_0501_edited-1

Poor Chase had fallen and hit his lip the day before, but he still has the biggest grin West of Texas. Ree’s face cracks me up.

12 20 10_0502

Chase likes to lie down to get a up-close look at the oncoming train.

12 20 10_0504_edited-1

Our own little de-railer.

12 20 10_0506

She got one.

12 20 10_0495_edited-1

Are rabbit ears on the baby funny…really?? That’s so fifth grade! :)

12 20 10_0510


maren sundahl said...

Ree's faces are hilarious in the train pictures. What a cutie. I hope Chase gets to feeling better balance-wise. Merry Christmas, we miss you!

Jaime said...

SO cute!! Love their expressions. I've been thinking we needed a train too, but just haven't found one.

Marcie said...

How fun! And it entertains all three of them...even better!

Kristen said...

That is classic--Ree's face is the best. I'm still mad at Chuck for throwing our train even blew steam:)

tricia said...

$20 for a train? I should say the pictures alone are worth that! Classic photos of Ree and Chase.