April 8, 2010

Babies, babies, everywhere!


Spring babies are hitting the ground everywhere out at the Potato Farm.  Chase and I drove with Spence to go feed all of the cows (about 200 + babies) on the ranch since we still don’t have any feed. (Note to Weather:  Please warm up and start growing grass!)  They’ve learned to come when they see the truck or hear the honk of the horn.  It’s fun to watch the mama cows appear from a mile away or over hills with little babies running right along side them. 


It was such a miserable, windy day that lots of the hay blew away.  The cows don’t seem to mind.


Most of the babies come in bucking and kicking up their heels. 


Chase and I stayed in the truck as much as we could while Spence got out and swore and cussed at the wind.  He always talks about moving on days like these.  :)  Thank goodness for the nice days or else he’d have us packed up and moved out of here!


I had to add this picture just to show that we have some hope.  With the generators and wells not working on the pivots, this is the only plant that grows on them.  Do you recognize it?? You would if it was big and yellow and tumbling across the road.  You guessed it…the tumbleweed.  When it’s small, it’s an nice, soft plant that the cows love to eat…you’ve just got to eat it before it turns into a deadly weapon.


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