April 22, 2009

Who says you can't take great pictures from a moving vehicle with a bug splattered windshield??? Ha ha

Spence's dad needed someone to drive to Kanab, UT to pick up some bulls.  So when Trish volunteered to watch the punks (thank you SO MUCH), I decided to make the trek with Spence. He wouldn't stop to let me take any pictures, so here is my photo journal of the trip...almost all taken through the windshield at 65 mph! (I did occasionally roll down my window to avoid the bugs on window)

Of course my first shot was Spence driving. Ooooo exciting! He wouldn't let me post it....what a bum. 

Somewhere on the res outside of Flagstaff.  We argued about whether to take the Jacob Lake route or go through Page.  We settled on one on the way up and the other on the way back.

04 20 09_5128

You can't tell, but before we zoomed by them too fast, these trees looked so cute in the descending sizes.  By the time I finally got a shot off, we were past and they all looked the same size.

04 20 09_5129

I tried to catch a picture of Lee's Ferry as we crossed the bridge...you can see the water right???

04 20 09_5131

I loved all of these crazy rocks that had rolled of the mountain and perched in the most precarious positions.  How's that for alliteration? Someone had even built a little house under one...but I missed that shot.

04 20 09_5133

Yes, the antenna and radio were working just fine...just checking. I tried to take one by holding the camera out the window. 

04 20 09_5136

So we did stop once at the Lee's Ferry Anglers Flyshop. Spence got jerky. 

04 20 09_5138

04 20 09_5137

Who knows what possessed me to take a picture of a crow.  It was the only living thing around I guess.

04 20 09_5139

Almost to Fredonia.  It must be weird to have the two towns (Fredonia, AZ and Kanab, UT) only miles apart, yet there is an hour time difference due to daylight savings. 

04 20 09_5141

A lonely, old homestead.  I liked the colors of the grass and hills and skies. I got in three whole shots before we passed it.

04 20 09_5143_edited-1

04 20 09_5144_edited-1

After we met up with friends for lunch in Kanab and picked up the bulls, we headed back home the Page way.  I only took a couple of pictures, but I had to get the two rock formations I remember best from all my childhood trips to Utah.

Can you tell what this one looks like???

04 20 09_5149


It's an Indian chief lying down.  You can see his flat chest, feet, profile, and even the feather above his head. See if you can get the next one. I didn't quite get the right angle...I should have waited longer to take the pic so it would look more like the item.

04 20 09_5150_edited-1


It's supposed to look like a diesel with to trailers behind it.  Not so hot from this angle, but I promise it really does.  The cab is on the left with the two trailers following behind on the right.

Anyway...we had a nice time alone without the kids even if it was all driving. I did spend about an hour on the phone just chatting with Hayes because he was bored.  Funny kid.  Now that I think about it, I didn't even get a picture of the bulls....oops!

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Dayna said...

my husband did a fire season at jacob lake before we were married, so i've been on that road a few times. lol...memories. kanab was the closest grocery store.