April 23, 2009

The Horse Whisperer

04 23 09_5250crop

Hayes gets up every morning, dresses and heads out to see the baby before any of the rest of us are even out of bed.  This is the boy whom I normally have to force to get dressed at some point because he's content to run around in his underwear all day.  It is so fun to watch him with the animals.  Spence and I get such a kick out of him.  He's always worrying about and caring for his cats and dogs and horses.  He's his daddy's boy!

04 23 09_5255

At what age does it hit you that your little boy or girl is growing up and it makes you want to stop time and keep them little forever? 

04 23 09_5258

I can't believe that some day this kid is going to grow up and leave home.  The only consolation I have is that one day when Hayes was 4 or 5 we were driving around in the truck and Hayes asked if we we're going to get a bigger truck when he got married so that we could fit his wife too! :)  He has also asked us where we are going to live when he gets married since he plans on living in our house. :)

04 23 09_5281_edited-1

He wanted to touch the cows, but they aren't gentle like the bulls.

04 23 09_5333e 
Spence easily talked him into tasting the water out of the iron-filled pipeline.  He declared it "not bad".

04 23 09_5304

Another horse who's willing to follow Hayes around the pen.  (Joker)

04 23 09_5249

Signing out after a long day of animal care!


Cortney said...

I hope Hayes ends up having a career working with animals- he's such a natural! That is if his career as a food critic doesn't take off first. Last summer he informed me (after watching Ratatouille) that he couldn't think of any "downside" to that job.

Kristen said...

Man--you guys have been busy! You're so good at taking pictures. I love those close-ups of Hayes. I need to get out to see the baby. Thanks for watching ours last night:) I'm sorry she gave you a hard time. We missed you at wrestling this morning. It was fun--Hayes would have done well.

Missy :o) said...

my friends are into claiming Jacob for their girls. So, can I claim Hayes for Lydia or Rachel?? Thank you. :o)

Dayna said...

Life on the ranch is great. Mine are currently spending the weekend at the ranch in Quemado with grandma and grandpa while aaron and i came to albuquerque. My 3 yo rode her horse most of the day and loved every minute of it!

tricia said...

Love the little cowboy! Glad to say I have a stake in Hayes. But, I can't stand that he is growing up so

Howard and Katie Wills said...

Your photos are just breathtaking!