April 28, 2009

A Day With Honky Tonk

The cowman contemplates the water situation.

04 23 09_5311_edited-12

The next horse due is Sandy.  She does not like Spence trying to milk her...can you blame her?? She did a quick move and got away without the gyno exam! :)

04 23 09_5263

One of the few days this spring that the hay didn't completely blow away as they boys fed it. A little still blew away.

04 23 09_5280

The water out of this well is DElicious. We should bottle it and take it home to drink and stop buying it from the store.

04 23 09_5314 

Da bulls. And a little steer.

04 23 09_5308_edited-1 

I love this tree.  It has a great shape.  I hope it doesn't bite the dust like the windmill did.

04 23 09_5329 

The horses were a long way off, so I had to use the digital zoom.  It made them appear "wavy" like looking at them through heat waves.

04 23 09_5325 

The calves stare at me wondering what I'm doing crouched down in the cow pies while their mama's stuff their faces with the fresh hay we've just fed.  Love that AZ sky!

04 23 09_5286lightcows


Dayna said...

your pictures are AWESOME!!! Do you do fancy stuff or just point and shoot?

Rachel said...

I love the blue skies! I must tell you I love to look at your blog because I feel like I am home again. I miss this place more than anything....it brings me comfort when I hate living in the city. I fell like I am there. So thank you!

tricia said...

Kellie, your pictures are so good. You're right about the Arizona sky. When the wind doesn't blow it's the best.

Kristen said...

Awesome picures! I seriously love an Arizona sky. And I love the tree, and the cows, and the windmill. I'm still in mourning about the Double Mills out East...sad to lose another one:) I'm glad you got so many pictures of it.