March 20, 2009

Random Happenings

Spence loves music.  Listening to it, playing it, everything about it.  Here's he and BJ practicing a little guitar and bass down in the tack shed.  b&w bjspence

 03 16 09_462B&W-1 copy



I didn't get down to take pictures until they were almost finished and Trey was already done.  He plays guitar and sings. And he loves it when I take random pictures of him doing nothing. :)

trey in tack

Monday was a beautiful day.  Hayes worked with Spence then relaxed on Rosie. Nothing like a boy and his dog. 

03 16 09_4548 

The horses get their baths after being ridden.

03 16 09_4554

03 16 09_4557 

BB Gun and Socks after their makeovers.

03 16 09_4563 

03 16 09_4571

Hayes is still relaxing with Rosie.

03 16 09_4550

Later that day, we went to Grandma and Grandpa Jackson's for the St. Patrick's Day festivities.  There was a treasure hunt for a pot of gold and we ate the traditional corned beef and cabbage. It was delicious.

03 16 09_4576

Chase and his Daddy.

03 16 09_4581

All the kids took a turn kissing the Blarney Stone (we had it shipped from Ireland :)

03 16 09_4586 03 16 09_4584

Hayes loves to climb trees.

03 12 09_4531

As high as he can possibly go.  Good thing he only weighs 50 lbs. 

 03 12 09_453003 12 09_4534

My beautiful Mama, Tere Babe.  I made her pose.

03 12 09_4536

Over the weekend, Hayes went with my parents to Utah, so Chase enjoyed a little only-child time with us.  He also enjoyed control of the TV!

03 12 09_4602_edited-1 03 12 09_4610_edited-1

The end of the random happenings.

03 16 09_4541


Jaime said...

This SOOO reminds me of Boyd. You know how women feel like they are football widows, well I feel like I'm a band room widow most of the time!

Marcie said...

Lauren loves your blog so much. She checks it at least once or twice every day just to see the pictures.

Annie said...

I think I have told you this before....but I love your playlist!! Some of these songs I have not heard in years and I love them!

tricia said...

I guess Syd and I have another thing in common. (besides dancing) I love your blog too. Tell Hayes I thought he was doing the Limbo in the one photo.