March 10, 2009

Boots, buckles and spurs

You're probably all getting sick of branding photos, but that's all I've got. It's my favorite thing to take pictures of.  During the past week or so of clean-up branding, Hayes has been begging me everyday to go to work with Spence instead of doing school.  This morning, he got up early and did all of his school work before breakfast so that he could go with Spence.  He's turning into a good little helper.  Now if we can just get him another horse, he'll be in heaven. 

Kris brought out Parker to join in the fun (Hayes only asked about 20 times when he was going to come).  Those two make up a pretty motley crew.  I had to get a picture of their boots.

01 01 06_4067 

Uncle Kelly Young on Cowgirl

01 01 06_4096_edited-1

Spence reaching for a branding iron while the boys wait to help JC

01 01 06_4097

Hayes getting a hot iron for his daddy

01 01 06_4132_edited-1

The smoke swirled up and seemed to be coming off Spence

01 01 06_4146edit

Spence getting ready to rope

01 01 06_4150

Parker looks on

01 01 06_4152_edited-1

Spence on Bonita.  Kelly and JC on the ground.

01 01 06_4167

Trey looking back at his catch.

01 01 06_4176

Aerial view of JC and Kelly (actually from me perched on the fence)

01 01 06_4177

Spence waits to let the calf go

01 01 06_4194

Into the fire

01 01 06_4192_edited-1 

01 01 06_4193_edited-1

Trey roping on his horse he calls Lefty and we call Tater Salad

01 01 06_4220 

JC spotting the last few unbranded calves

01 01 06_4468_edited-1

KMY- Kelly's boots and spurs (I don't know what the M stands for) (every good cowboy HAS to own a pair of spurs with their initials on them! :)

01 01 06_4219

Once again, Hayes and Parker off into the sunset.  Actually we've got to hurry and get to Cade's baseball game in town.  Get in the truck boys!

01 01 06_4251_edited-1


Cortney said...

Great pics Kel Bel!

Jaime said...

I LOVE all your branding pics!! Oh and I *THINK* M might stand for Mack. Not 100% sure though. Maybe that's just Cody's middle name, I don't know!!

JC and Jen Young said...

jamie is right it is Mack, good pictures! JC is always on your blog after branding to see if you posted picutres

Kristen said...

Love the pictures--you do such a good job of documenting the ranching stuff. Thanks for letting Parks join in the fun. I also love your AZ sky pictures.