January 3, 2009

What's This White Stuff?

I just had to change my background to a shot I took  out my front door of the snow falling the day after Christmas.  I don't know when we'll see it again, so this is my way of holding on to it a little bit longer.

On an entirely different note, I'm so behind on my blogging that I'm just going to try to catch up the best I can.  The timeline will probably be mixed up (does anyone know a way to move posts around so that I could put them where they really should go chronologically?) but oh well.  It's been a wonderful Christmas break!

12 26 08_3613

The dogs couldn't have asked for a better Christmas present...they were all acting like puppies again. (Well, Rosie is still a puppy, Daisy's barely past being a puppy, but Lucy and Rosco are definitely no longer spring chickens...they're 10 now)

12 26 08_3617

12 26 08_3620

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Katie Udall said...

You actually can change the order of your posts. Go in to edit a post and click on post options down at the bottom. By changing the time of the post you can decide what order to put them in. This came in handy when I was working on our highschool class blog.

Beautiful pictures!