January 17, 2009

Beautiful Saturday Weather

I couldn't help but smile as I watched Hayes and Chase drive off into the sunset with their trusty dog Lucy trotting close behind.  It was the perfect end to a great Saturday.

01 17 09_3759

But before the perfect ending, Spence rode Baby Bell.

01 17 09_3710

And tried a little cutting on some uncooperative new steers...looks pretty good here though.

01 17 09_3718

Chase and I watched from the stands.

01 17 09_3714

While Hayes relaxed on top of Rosie.

01 17 09_3725

Even though I cuss Spence all of the time for having four dogs, she really is a good little pup.

01 17 09_3726

Hayes was killing time while Spence kept promising to quit and let Hayes ride.

01 17 09_3712

He finally got his turn.  Not quite the same as Sonny Boy or Miller Genuine, but it'll have to do for now.

01 17 09_3746

He's a natural.

01 17 09_3745

After we finished with Bell, the boys jumped in their Jeep and got ready to head home.  Bell had to check things out first.

01 17 09_3750

Off they headed while Spence rode Smoothie and I stood around holding Bell.  I did take her up to the barn and unsaddle her and put her away, but I skipped town back to the house leaving Spence to finish riding another horse by himself.  I'm a lightweight and my house really needed cleaning.

01 17 09_3755 

When I got home, I found Hayes and Chase safely inside after their drive.  Hayes is such a good brother. 


Missy :o) said...

what a beautiful day!

Katie Udall said...

I remember going to your house in Utah and seeing Hayes when he was tiny, like a couple weeks old. I could not believe how small he was. Has it been so long ago?

The Hulsey Family said...

My husband really wants to move to Luna so the boys can be around the Ranch more and seeing your post almost makes me want to go! :)

Marcie said...

Hayes sure is a good boy. I love the little turkey.

Cortney said...

I love those boys!

Karrie said...

This is Jeremy(don't have my own user ID). Beautiful pictures, sure do miss the life up there, I blog peep every once in a while and get very envious of you all. Good to see how much you enjoy it. We love the dog we got from you, named him bodgie(auzzie for juvenile) my dad's the one to blame for the name.

Chuck said...

What a good place for your boys. I would have loved that as a child. Imagine, your own wheels! TP