January 5, 2009

Attempt at a Platt Grandchildren Photo

Jay and Trish have 8 grand-boys and 1 grand-girl currently (maren's baby will give us another girl).  It makes for a wild bunch and makes it almost impossible to get a good picture of all of them.  I thought these pics were really funny if you look at all of the things going on in them. Before I explain, here's who everyone is

Hayes and Chase:  Kellie and Spence's boys

Parker, Charlie, Briton and Jane:  Kristen and Chuck Humphery's kids

Harvey and Colten:  Harvey Jay and Kimberly's boys

Treyharne (little T):  Trey and Brindi's baby boy

Below: (left to right) Hayes is pulling away from Harvey who wants to hold his little brother Colten.  Parker is holding his baby sis Jane who looks worried.  Briton is interested in the Christmas tree.  Charlie and Chase look lovingly :) down at little Trey who also looks worried.

12 22 08_3472

More kids are looking at the camera although some of them are yelling.  We can now see the permanent marker-mustache that Charlie drew on Brit earlier that day.

12 22 08_3473_edited-1

Most are looking quite angelic....even Brit with the mustachio and baby T with the devil sign sucking of the fingers.  Jane is smiling!

12 22 08_3474_edited-1

I can no longer see Harvey's kids.  Brit is unhappy about something.  Hayes is trying to smile, but says he can't "fake smile"!

12 22 08_3475_edited-1

Kids are smiling.  NO one is looking at the camera.  It's starting to unravel.

12 22 08_3478_edited-1

12 22 08_3479_edited-1

We've lost Harvey, Colten, Charlie and Chase at this point.  Jane has had enough.  We'll try again next year! :)  Still a cute bunch of hooligans!


Tiffany said...

I know that feeling with my 4 and trying to get a good picture out of them! Those are really cute pictures tho. sometimes those are the best!! :)

Missy :o) said...

I held Colten during the whole funeral saturday down in the nursery. He would NOT let me put him down! It was so cute, though. He slept some and just wanted to be held. It was actually nice to hold a baby again. They are sweet boys!

Scarbrough Family said...

Spenc, YOu are probabally right about Karma. Although the ironic thing is Scott is living his life pretty good right now. :) He is trying to do what is riht. I know, its a test to see if he will stick it out and stay good.

Kristen said...

What a funny play-by-play. It didn't seem quite so funny that night:) P.S. I love the background photo!