November 25, 2011

Happy Halloweenie!

Halloween is Chase’s all-time favorite holiday….other than all the other holidays! Smile  He wanted to be a smurf…even though he’s never seen a single smurf cartoon or the new smurf movie.  He got Jokey Smurf in a Happy Meal and that was all it took.  Ree by default was a mouse, since I still had two mice costumes from when Hayes and Chase were little.  And Hayes wanted to be a pick pocket.  You wouldn’t believe the arguments he and I had over what a pick pocket is supposed to look like.  I was thinking Oliver Twist and the only picture he had in his mind was from these modern youth novels he’s read about pick pockets.  You’ll see from the pictures that I won out in the end (ask Spence about my arguing skills…he won’t smileSmile).  We had a great night and Spence willingly and pleasantly joined us for all of the festivities.   Some definite brownie points for him. 






Oops…I forgot that my camera battery died and I took Chase’s pictures with my mom’s camera.   I’ll have to update this later.  Sorry Chase!

The Grandma’s did not disappoint this year with their “special” goody bags for the grandkids.  We didn’t really even need to go trick-or-treating after getting a bag from Grandmas Terry and Trish.  The kids had fun with the silly glasses from Grandma Trish’s goody bags!


We also decorated gourds (cheaper and easier than pumpkins) for Chase to take to school.  He was pretty proud and kept carrying them around the house. 


Until next year!  I’ve got a great idea for a toilet costume if I can talk any of my kids into wearing it!! Smile


maren sundahl said...

Cute kids and costumes, and cute pumpkins.

tricia said...

The pumpkins on your shelf are darling. You are something else, Kellie!!