November 10, 2011

Chase’s 2011 School Pictures (age 9)

Where oh where has my blogging gone, oh where oh where can it be?  I have literally dropped off the blogging earth, but I have big plans to mend my ways.  I still don’t have a new camera, but I have been taking a few lame photos with my old one.  After our Stake Primary Training Meeting on the 22nd, I PROMISE to pick back up on my blogging.  Until then, here is Chase’s school photo.  It was taken a couple of days after he fell on the concrete at the park and broke off part of his front tooth.  It is now immortalized in his school photo.  We got it fixed a few days later and you would never know he broke it.



JC and Jen Young said...

He is looking so grown up, that is such a cute picture of him!

maren sundahl said...

Love that kid. I never saw his tooth! That had to hurt like heck.

Marcie said...

That's a great picture!