June 12, 2011

Picnic at Mud Springs (long post, sorry)

tank swimmer

After about three days stuck in the house together avoiding the smoke, the kids were going nuts and more importantly, I was going nuts.  So when Spence needed to go to Mud Springs to fix a pump, we begged him to take us along.  We ended up with two stow-aways (Parker and Charlie) that made it that much more fun.

We started out with feeding down at the barn.  Ree runs around wild like she owns the place.

wild girl

Ree and Chase are peas in a pod when it comes to getting dirty and making messes.  They are good little buddies and Chase laughs at everything she does…which only encourages her.  :(

peas in a pod_edited-1

Up at the white corrals, there is a new baby calf that Pasual had to pull from the mamma.  He was worried that it’s legs were hurt or that it might not nurse, but it seems to be doing just fine. The kids camped out with it while Spence fed it’s mama.

ree calf_edited-1

reechase baby calf

Here’s what the Wallow Fire looks like from the White Corrals.  THis one is looking through the fence to the bull pasture.


This view is just south of the corrals looking toward the Mud Springs pasture.


best fence smoke


The cows are loving a little bit of green at Mud Springs.  Lots of babies.



The boys wore their trunks so they could swim in the tank.  They almost froze, but were somehow able to get in twice.




We did it!  That reminds me, I owe them a dollar.


Chase and Ree worked on the generator while the boys swam! :)

chase generator

The picnic with Hayes and Parker still freezing.

the picinic

Someone did actually do some work.

spence works

The boys took turns on the quad on the ride home.  It made Chase’s day.




I always think that when we are heading home, we are actually heading home; but the ranchers work is never done.  Time to feed again.

I forgot to mention that Ree fell on her face on the rough concrete around the tank at Mud Springs.  I had to smile when I saw her all beat up with hay all over in her hair.


rough day for ree


Spence and Bella.

spence bella_edited-1

Chase and Ree took time to ride Pepto Bell before she got turned out.

ree rides horse_edited-1

chase rides horse_edited-1

And here they are…waiting on Dad so we can really head home.  They are much more patient than I am. 

waitin on dad

Thanks for a fun day, Spence.


tricia said...

Even with the drought and smoke these pictures win my heart! Thanks for posting them Kellie! What a gaggle of little cuties!

Kristen said...

I love the shot of Chase holding on to Hayes on the quad. He had me laughing when he stayed with us--I didn't know he knew his numbers and he was playing with some "go fish" cards--he'd bring me one and tell me what number it was. Charlie thought it was hilarious:)