June 2, 2011

More Wind, More Fire

Please don’t let this be another Rodeo/Chediski fire.  The wind was so horrible today.  I can’t even imagine trying to battle a fire in conditions like this.  We had to drop bulls off at the Silva today which is on the south end of Lyman Lake.  As we drove, we watched the cloud of smoke build all day.  When we got home, I tried to take some pictures, but they don’t really do the cloud justice…especially from 60 miles away from the fire, but it is still massive.  With wind and more wind in the forecast, it could get much worse.

01 09 06_2295


01 09 06_2370


tricia said...

That plume looks like the volcano in Iceland last summer. It is very sobering!

becky+cade said...

oh wow, that's huge! i hope sherwood forest will be ok!!