October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Nothing like a baby hopped up on Halloween Candy.  Ree had a candy bath last night when we got home from Trey and Brindi’s.  She was in heaven swimming around in all of Hayes’ candy. 


Unfortunately, our day didn’t start out all that happy.  Chase was having a rough day.  He broke things.  He spilled things.  He got yelled at. He pinched. He spent a lot of time in time out.  He wouldn’t leave the baby alone and kept waking her up from naps.  He cried a lot. He fell down a lot.  He was in general just not happy…..BUT that was before the festivities began.  There’s nothing like cousins and grandmas and decorations and candy to get Chase out of his funk.  To tell you the truth, the candy is probably the thing Chase cares the least about.  The kid is into decorations.  Anything with lights or anything that is “creep-key” (creepy)!

Kristen invited us over for posse stew before trick-or-treating.  I was starving and ate two bowls and two pumpkin muffins that Brindi made.  After eating we headed to my mom’s house to get ready.  That’s one of the downfalls of living 10 miles outside of town…you can’t just run home for anything.

Marce and Lauren were already over there with cupcakes and treats.  The Humpherys and Trey Platts came over to take pictures and go trick-or-treating.  I tried to get a shot of everyone. 

In this shot, all of the Humpherys kids are watching Ree cry.  I thought Kris’ three boys as Alvin and the Chipmunks was pretty cute and clever.  Chase loved Jane as a “bunny abbit”.  T made a great skeleton…Chase wanted his costume.  And the newest Platt baby, Sage as a beautiful bumble bee. 


I like this one because everyone was actually in it (even though Chase is blocking Sage by hugging her) and because Jane and Ree are holding hands while Ree bawls her head off. Good job Lauren; how many princesses can wrangle an angry baby?  100_0255_edited-1

Jane is a pretty cute “mama” to her baby girl cousins.


We tried to make it as easy as possible this year with the boys going as ghouls and Ree the same pumpkin Chase was 8 years ago.  Since their birthdays are 1 day apart in May, Chase’s pumpkin outfit fit her perfectly…good thing I saved it!

Here’s more of the candy bath:


I might be a little baby happy because I made sure I got Ree’s costume on and pictures taken, and then totally forgot to get pics of the boys…oops.  So after we finished trick-or-treating, I tried to get some shots of Lauren and the boys. 



I forgot that Chase hadn’t eaten anything at Kristen’s house (too busy playing), so my mom hurried and made mac ‘n cheese for Chase.   Love the antennae mom! (Sorry, no pic of Chase with his costume on)


Hayes and Princess Lou Lou.


The ghoul enjoying Marcie and Lauren’s cute cupcakes.


So even with the rough start, we had a very happy ending.  Hope you did too!



tricia said...

Oh Kellie, your day didn't sound fun. I'm glad it ended up with smiles. What fun to see the kids all dressed up. I love seeing them on Halloween. Hayes, you're a pretty scary looking ghoul. And Rhee looks like a doll in the pumpkin outfit.

Marcie said...

Who knew?! Dad and I should have just dumped candy on Ree to get her to settle down. That's my kind of baby!