December 31, 2009

A White Christmas

Two days before Christmas, we woke up to snow.  Chase was entertained part of the morning by this little fluff ball that decided we needed a little contrast to the white stuff.


Later that day, Chase and I tagged along with Spence to go feed the horses and bulls.  The horses were pretty eager for some green stuff.  It was BITTER COOOOLD! (That’s why I stayed in the truck and took pictures and never got out once)

100_7840_edited-1 100_7844

BRRRRR! The horses concur.


We only found a few bulls, but Chase wanted to get out and go see them.  I stayed in the truck!




What a good daddy. We love him.


Cortney said...

Love the pictures- what kind of bird is that?

tricia said...

Burrrrr, it was cold and I didn't even have to feed calves. That is a good daddy! and a good mama!

Howard and Katie said...

Brrr, it does look cold!! I just love your pictures...they make me feel like I'm right there! :)

Carrie said...

Hey Kellie,
I haven't checked in on you guys for a while...I just love your pictures! Those horses! Wow! Beauties! Those grandkid pictures Maren took are fantastic! I used to see more of Kristen's kids from Maren's blog...and just discovered it's private now...bummer.
Congrats on your pregnancy! What a cool and beautiful life you guys have...I've told Kristen lots that my husband would love to do that in his dreams...I tell her someday we're going to come to St. Johns and buy an Elk tag from the Platts and maybe if the guys let him...give my husband a City Slickers vacay. Then me and Kris and the kids (our boys are all close in age) would get to play!