December 30, 2009

Copyright Infringement

I was catching up on my sisters’ and sister-in-laws’ blogs and found these great pics.  So even though Maren hasn’t given me permission yet (I’m sure she will :) I’m going to steal a few and post them here.

The Platts met in Alpine a few months ago to celebrate little Harv’s birthday.  Luckily Trish dropped by and picked up my kiddos to take them because I was in the middle of pregnancy headache hell.  Maren took some cute shots of all of the grandkids. 

grandkid stumps

9 of the 10 Platt Grandkids (we’re missing Lucy so there’s only one girl)

grandkid stumps2

Ah, there’s Lucy; that makes 8 boys and 2 girls, with 2 on the way (that we know of).  My boys are on the far end because they are the oldest two grandkids. (from the back to the front: Hayes Platt, Chase Platt, Parker Humpherys, Charlie Humpherys, Harvey Platt, Briton Humpherys, Colten Platt, Treyharne Platt, Jane Humpherys, and Lucy Sundahl)

hayes stump

Hayes practicing his yoga moves.


Chase doing some equally awesome yoga moves with the help of Grandma Trish.


On Christmas day, while the kids and I were having dinner with my family, (yes, Spence was invited, he was just two hours late) Mike and Maren tagged along to help doctor some sick calves.  Maren took some cool pictures while they were up at the white corrals.  If you want to see the rest, you’ll have to check out Maren’s Blog.


Lucy goes for a wild ride compliments of her daddy.


Uncle Harv with Spence in the background. (I love this shot)

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tricia said...

Are those my little boys? When the heck did they grow up?