July 14, 2009

My Boy

07 06 09_5961_edited-1

Hayes is my little pal.  He chats with me about EVERYTHING.  Tonight when he was helping me try to get Chase to sleep, Chase started tooting to avoid going to sleep (one of his mainstay diversions, which he can call upon anytime, anyplace... no joke!).  Hayes said, "Don't make me say the G word," which really made me wonder, because Hayes is the cussing police, especially when it come to the G word, but then he said, "Chase, you are Gis-dusting" I thought he had said it wrong, but then I realized he was just being funny.  He had us laughing as he pretended to figure out the real word, "gisdusting?  gisdusting?  gisdusting?" Funny boy.  Chase still wouldn't go to sleep. :(

The gisdusting boy himself: pretending to smash a "bullet" ant while avoiding the camera...surprised?...I think not!

06 30 09_5813_edited-1


Marcie said...

What a good boy Hayes is. He is such a sweet brother. We all sure love him.

Kristen said...

He cracks me up. Have I told you about when he was trying to figure out the password to our computer? That kid has a mind that kills me. Your blanket flower looks awesome with that sunset.

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