July 11, 2009

Low Carb Love: Fish Tacos in Lettuce Tortillas

I decided to do a low carb recipe blog mostly to keep track of my low carb recipes so that I don't have to search for them every year when Spence decides to do Atkins. I also wanted to share some of the good recipes I've made up, found, or modified. Low carb cooking is an art...it takes creativity to keep the poor dieter satisfied and not feeling deprived. If I didn't love Spence, I wouldn't do it...it's a lot of work. But I enjoy being able to "create" in the kitchen and actually enjoy the challenge. Hopefully I won't burn out before I get all the recipes up. Check it out if you want.
Low Carb Love: Fish Tacos in Lettuce Tortillas


Jaime said...

Thanks Kelli! Boyd is on this kick right now too, so I would LOVE any recipes!

Marcie said...

That looks great--and I don't even like fish.

Annie said...

I got your message about the sauce, we were out of town for about two weeks, so sorry I didn't get back with you. Did you figure it out? Sour Cream, Hollendaise souce mix and Guacamole mix. It is a weird combo but really tasty.

Anonymous said...

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