June 22, 2009

My Mother's Day Present

So Spence hired a professional photographer to come out to our house and take family pictures for Mother's Day....not quite! :) 

We had a few minutes before we left for church so we snapped a few shots before we left.  I think they (Spence and the kids) only complied because it was Mother's Day.  I'm pretty sure we only have one family portrait from when Hayes was a baby...two, if you count our wedding pictures.  How sad.  So these are our makeshift family portraits that don't include all of us in any of them since someone had to take the picture. 

My boys.

05 03 09_5524_edited-1

Best buds.

05 03 09_5529_edited-1

Me and my punks.

05 03 09_5532_edited-1

My sweet boy.

05 03 09_5534_edited-1

My best bud Hayes.

05 03 09_5536_edited-1

Me and the love of my life, Spence :)  Hayes did a pretty good job taking our picture.

05 03 09_5540_edited-1

Maybe next year we can get some with all of us together!


Jaime said...

Hey Kelli! I'm no photographer by any means, but I'd be happy to take pictures of your family anytime! I've decided all that matters is to actually get the pictures! Years later, we really won't care!!

Kel Bel said...

Thanks Jaime, I might have to take you up on that...after I get my hair done! :)

Marcie said...

Phew-when it rains, it pours for your blogging! Thanks for all of the cool pictures. Those are so dang cute nephews I have. (and I could always take your picture if you wanted).

tricia said...

I was going to volunteer, too, but maybe I shouldn't since my photos lack some artistic quality. I think they're good pictures. Hayes is a natural.

tricia said...

Spencer, where's your smile?

Dayna said...

great pictures!!! at least you were able to be in some of them!

Steph & the Boyz said...

Awesome! You guys are so cute--I would love to take pics for you when I come down in July. Do you want me to bring my Canon Rebel or just use yours?

us plus 5 said...

I love you and your boys (all three)!!!! and I think your pics are great but you should take up these offers and get one of all of you, thanks for being YOU!!!