June 21, 2009

Chase Jackson Platt Turns Seven!

Not my baby! How did this happen?  Seven?!?!  Wow, how time flies.  I hate to see my kids grow up.  It literally tugs at my heartstrings.  The only thing that made it easier was how much Chase enjoys a party...especially when he's the guest of honor.

06 01 09_5599

We had a little party (a week late) over at my mom and dad's house.  Jane was entertaining Chase by dancing to the drum machine Trey and Brindi got him. He loved it.

06 01 09_5614

Trey give T a ride on Hayes's back.

06 01 09_5611_edited-1

Grandma Trish doing a very important job...keeping Chase fed.

06 01 09_5590

Bruce and Tere babe

06 01 09_5589

Thanks to everyone who came....Chase loves his family!

06 01 09_5610

Cade always avoids me when I have the camera, so I was so proud to catch him. I didn't get Syd, she was too busy playing "andy-i-over" with the kids. PS I looked up the game to see if I was calling it the correct name and found that there are many variations on the name.   It was one of our favorite childhood games. Here's the link. We must play our own special version, because ours involves hitting the other players with the ball at the end...that wasn't in the official rules...imagine that! :)

06 01 09_5582


mike and maren said...

That was a great party. Maybe we should celebrate his birthday twice a year or something. :) We love Chasey boy!

Missy :o) said...

looks like tons of fun!
Happy Birthday, Chase!