July 7, 2016


I really regret these years I’ve missed blogging.  In the end, my blog  became a journal that captured our lives through pictures and words.  And I haven’t been good about journaling outside of the blog, so it’s time to get back at it.  SO sorry to my kiddos (and Spence and myself) for the moments I’ve missed.  It’s really hard to go back and cover the time I missed, but I’m going to do my best to be current and maybe put in a few oldies but goodies.  So saddle up; get your seatbelts on; whatever you need to do, because here come the wild ride called the Platt household. (the wildness much enhanced by the addition of Ella Kate Platt whom Spence now wished he’d named Katie Merle)


Posing for a picture before heading out to work this summer.


Nice outfit daisy duke!  Not a shy bone in three year old Katie poo’s body. One of the things I’ve learned about girls, is that you don’t control their clothes, their clothes control you!!


Hayes and Kate with their new dog Ringo. (naming him was so difficult. when you only have musicians to choose from it complicates things; a weird rule you find yourself bending to when you have the two biggest music lovers in the world living with you. He was nic for a while, but it didn’t stick)(Not sure which musician is named nic)


Ree learned to ride her bike without training wheels this week.  A big accomplishment in my eyes since I had been agonizing about having not taught her in all of her 6 years.  I’m sure if her mom had been on the ball she could have learned years earlier.  (insert REGRET…man I’m bad) Better late than never. (I like the look of determination on her face)


Didn’t want to leave our boy Chase out.  He turned 14 in May…unbelievable. 


Kate giving “ya-ya’s” to Meg. Will define ya-ya’s at a later date.


Our last picture of Jack and Meg taken a few days before Meg disappeared.  Less than a month later, Jack disappeared also.  We were suspicious of coyotes because of the circumstances.  If only we could go back in time and change just a few events to alter the outcome.  I always feel like this when something bad happens…as you can see regrets is an apropos title to this post. I think I may have an overactive regret/doubt gland or something!  Our fears were confirmed when two nights ago, Spence woke up to Ringo barking in the middle of the night and flipped on the outside spotlights and a giant coyote was lurking by our chicken coop and ran onto our lawn.  I think he’s been stalking our animals for months. (our wounded cat Tigie disappeared before them) I'm so sick and sad about our little Yorkies.

RIP Jack and Meg White.

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