May 6, 2009

Spring Break 2009

Isn't this what childhood is all about?  I loved water as a kid.  Not the swimming pool, but live water that ran somewhere or had plants or animals growing in it.  I loved the stream of water that ran through the swamp; I loved the lakes and streams my dad and I fished; and usually I was just as happy with irrigation water or wash water run-off.  It held magic to me as a kid.  I see the same thing in my kids.  (cute swim hair!)

03 24 09_4811

Hayes favorite place to go on vacation is to the Marriott Canyon Villas down in North Phoenix.  Luckily my dad-in-law has a timeshare there :) !  Once we get there, he always begs to take the shuttle across the road to the lazy river at the JW Marriott.  Spence was sick, so he hadn't come down to the valley yet, so we went with the rest of our Platt family over to the hotel.  After a few hours of swimming, most were ready to head back, but we decided to stay.  It was then that the boys discovered the "pond" behind the hotel.  We spent two hours watching a blue heron catch and eat the pretty, orange goldfish the Marriott people had spent money planting in their pond. 

Whenever it caught a fish, I was busy keeping Chase from falling in the water, and he would gulp it down before I could get a shot.

03 24 09_4814

We were also entertained by a not-so-shy duck that was looking for french fries.

03 24 09_4820

Hayes obliged him.

03 24 09_4831

On the way out, we rode the elevators up to the top floors of the hotel to look out the windows.  Now you can see why Hayes loves it there.  It's gorgeous and huge.

03 24 09_4836

To be continued...


Cortney said...

Love the swim hair and skinny little ribs sticking out :)

tricia said...

The picture with the boys leaning over to watch the fish is so precious.

tricia said...

Hey Kellie,
I just looked back through a lot of older posts and I think you've got such a great journal here. I am constantly amazed at your life and how you've brought out the best, added fun and interest, and then you top it all off with love and support.

Marcie said...

I've looked back and noticed you haven't posted anything in a month. Get with the program. ;) Lauren's depending on you.

Kristen said...

A few days ago, Chuck was listening to the radio and heard that the J.W. Marriott in Scottsdale is in forclosure!

Kel Bel said...

Hayes will cry!....and actually so will I...I love that place!