February 5, 2009

Hiking at Lyman

Edie Doubt invited us to go hiking with her at Lyman Lake since the government is claiming that they are going to close the gates to the park for good.  Lyman has been one of our favorite hiking spots during homeschool.

02 04 09_3804

We hiked a trail and checked out the petroglyphs...which I forgot to take pictures of.

02 04 09_3797

Then we went out to Rattlesnake point to check out the dig and ended up having a rock skipping lesson.  Hayes got a rock to skip six times by the end.

02 04 09_3799

He also threw in as many large and heavy rocks as he could. Check out my action shots! :)

02 04 09_3800

02 04 09_3801

Thanks Edie for inviting us along.


Michelle Ashton said...

What?!! When are they closing? Sounds like they are trying shut down a lot of things around here. I have "heard" they want to close the pool. I guess it is going to be discused at the city council (sp?) meeting tonight. I may have to go and put in my 2 cents. ???

Michelle Ashton said...

Cool pics by the way...

Kel Bel said...

I hadn't heard about the pool...I would have gone to the meeting. What did you find out??

They were supposed to close Lyman within the next two weeks, but the last I heard is that now they're not sure when or if. I'll let you know if I find out more.

Missy :o) said...

I love the lyman lake trail! I'm going to take my parents there next week when they are in town. I hope the weather holds out!

Fun music!!